National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd: Product and Services

Deposit Products

Current A/C

Savings Bank Deposit A/C

Special Notice Deposit (SND) A/C

Term Deposit A/C

Premium Term Deposit A/C

Instant Earnings Term Deposit A/C

Special Savings Scheme

Special Fixed Deposit Scheme



Money Double Program

Loans and Advance Products

Working Capital Financing

Commercial and Trade Financing

Long Term (Capital) Financing

House Building Financing

Retail and Consumer Financing

SME Financing

Agricultural Financing

Import and Export Financing


ATM Card

Credit Card (Local, International and Dual)

Remittance Products

Special Interest rate on Savings and Term Deposits

Wage Earners Welfare Deposit Pension Scheme

Loans for Real Estate (Land purchase and House construction/renovation)

Advance against Regular Remittance

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